9 Mobile Puzzle Games You Must Try, Ready to Get Smarter?

Formerly the puzzle game was made simple because the aim was to fill in spare time. But over time, puzzle games have become increasingly difficult. Not out of ideas, but because of the demand of people who want a challenging game. In fact the popular puzzle game is a super difficult game. Just check the portal. Puzzle games that evolve not only occur in ... Read More »

Surprise Death Stranding and Other Important Announcements from Gamescom 2019

As one of the biggest annual gaming events in the world, Gamescom offers a lot of interesting things, especially the announcement of various new games and several other important things from the video game industry . Gamescom itself took place for five days from August 20-24 and was held in Koelnmesse, Cologne, Germany. From important announcements about the exclusive Google Stadia game to gameplay footage of Hideo Kojima’s most anticipated game , following reviews of new games and other important announcements from Gamescom 2019. 1. ... Read More »

4 Alternative Samsung Galaxy Note 10 that is not less sophisticated

The Samsung Galaxy Note 10 is indeed extraordinary, its figure makes many cellphones look like mediocre phones. What is offered as if it cannot be matched by other smartphones. A stylus pen with a magical stick-style gesture is a mainstay. Not forgetting the kitchen runway & series of top-class features make it more charming, seemed to have no opponents. But is the fact ... Read More »

10 iPhone Hack You Need to Know, So It Is Even More Practical!

There are many things you can do on your iPhone, even if you don’t use the latest version. You can call, use various applications, read ebooks , and even do work on college or work. In addition to all these uses, the iPhone still has many features that you may not have used or even haven’t known before. This will make you love the ... Read More »

Train Your Accuracy and Foresight in These 10 Archery Mobile Games

Don’t you get bored playing shooting games using guns and guns? Then try changing it. Instead of shooting, we return to traditional arrows like in ancient times. Although different techniques, but still you practice your accuracy. The following are some archery games on smartphones . 1. Archery Big Match Simple but does not provide good graphics, players can simply shoot arrows at the moving object ... Read More »

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